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Q. Can I receive a price estimate over the phone?

A. No, to provide an accurate estimate we need to visit the site to determine the size of the stump, what machine is best for your job, the location of the stump and accessibility, and the amount of services you wish to be provided, such as removing woodchip grindings, bringing in topsoil, and leveling disturbed areas.

Q. Is there any cost for an estimate?

A. No, there is no cost for an estimate.

Q. How do you remove the tree stumps? Do you pull them out or grind them up?

A. We remove the stumps by grinding them out. Grinding them out minimizes the disturbance to the surrounding landscape.

Q. How far below the surface do you grind?

A. We grind to a depth of 10"-12" below the existing grade, or depending on the species of tree, deeper when needed.

Q. How long will it take from the time I call for an estimate to the completion of the job?

A. There are a lot of variables to this question, such as weekends, rain delays, or the flagging of underground utilities. Typically, the job can be completed in 5-7 working days

Northern Michigan Tree Stump Grinding Service